Verbatim Court Reporting

Join Our Team

Hello!  Would you like to be part of our scoping team?  We're always looking for new team members!

Who can apply?  Court reporters, employed or retired.  United States only.

Job requirements?  Our team members are switch-hitters capable of alternating as needed between scoping and proofing. 

What CAT software?  We use Case CATalyst.

Would I be required to scope a daily by myself?  We prefer to use two scopists and one proofer on each daily.

Can I work around my schedule?  Sure.  However, we must keep our calendar covered at all times.

Would I be an independent contractor?  Yes.  You will receive a 1099 for payments exceeding $600 in a calendar year.

How do I apply?  Send your resume and availability.  We will respond and discuss details.  We look forward to hearing from you!